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Windows 2008 R2 Failover Clustering Ramp Up Guide

Posted by Premkumar Yogeswaran on July 28, 2012

It is always a good idea to read the white papers for a technology as they give you a good overview of the product/feature. You can always deeper when you have a good grounding.

Understand the basics

A good foundation into the technology will help you develop further as you dive deeper into specific areas. Although not essential it is nice to know what was released and with what version.

Step-by-step guides

These particular guides are very well written as they walk you through various scenarios end to end. They start off with the basics and then focus on specific tasks.

Microsoft iSCSI Initiator

This tool is extremely useful in a test environment/lab. The guides here show you how to install and configure the tool so you can build your own test cluster which you can then use to ramp up further.

Specific task based information

This lists contain deep dive information into specific parts of Failover Clustering. They focus on one given aspect of the technology and provide detailed information.

PowerShell for Failover Clustering

Whist I knew a little bit about PowerShell at the operating system level I did not know that there were so many cmdlets specific for clustering. These links helped me understand the cmdlets as well as helped me transition my Cluster.exe knowledge to PowerShell. As Cluster.exe will be deprecated in later versions of Failover Clustering is the right time to get your hands dirty and try out the cmdlets.

Multi-Site Failover Cluster

A vast improvement in Windows 2008 R2 Failover Clustering is the support for multi-site clustering. This technology will definitely be used many companies and it is definitely worth knowing well.

Additional Resources

Blogs and webcasts a very useful way of learning specific information. If like me you are a visual learner you will enjoy the webcasts as they provide some in depth knowledge in the specific areas.

Blogs & Blog sites

Webcasts & Podcasts

Other useful links

Premier WorkshopPLUS


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