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Active Directory – ADUC and LDAP Attributes refrence

Posted by Premkumar Yogeswaran on November 13, 2013

ADUC Field LDAP Attribute Name ADUC Tab
Account expires accountExpires Account
Account is locked out lockoutTime Account
Logon Hours logonHours Account
User logon name (pre-Windows 2000) sAMAccountName Account
Account options userAccountControl Account
User logon name userPrincipalName Account
Log On To userWorkstations Account
Country/region c Address
Country/region co Address
Country/region countryCode Address
City l Address
Zip/Postal Code postalCode Address
P.O. Box postOfficeBox Address
State/province st Address
Street streetAddress Address
Description description General
Display name displayName General
First name givenName General
Initials initials General
E-mail mail General
Phone Number (Others) otherTelephone General
Office physicalDeliveryOfficeName General
Last name sn General
Telephone number telephoneNumber General
Web Page Address (Others) url General
Web page wWWHomePage General
Member of memberOf Member Of
Primary group primaryGroupID Member Of
Canonical name of object canonicalName Object
Object class objectClass Object
Update Sequence Numbes (USNs)/Current uSNChanged Object
Update Sequence Numbes (USNs)/Original USN uSNCreated Object
Modified whenChanged Object
Created whenCreated Object
Company company Organization
Department department Organization
Direct reports directReports Organization
Manager manager Organization
Job Title title Organization
Home folder: Local path homeDirectory Profile
Home folder: Connect homeDrive Profile
User profile:Profile path profilePath Profile
User Profile: Logon script scriptPath Profile

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