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Password protected Excel file – Prompt Twice for password for Copy & Original

Posted by Premkumar Yogeswaran on May 14, 2014


I recently noticed every time I open a password protected file in Excel 2010 it prompts for a password for the original file and a password to open a separate copy of the same file! If I want to open a password protected file called for example "Books.xlsx" the dialog box pops up to enter my password then another dialog box pops up asking me to enter password for "copy of Books.xlsx also (the copy of file is whatever name your original file name is with the words "copy of" in front) It happens on all my password protected files. This is rather new for me I have been password protecting files in Excel for the last four versions of office and have never seen this before. I think it is related to a new update or something because the same thing happens on my laptop. I am running Windows 7 and Office 2010 home and business on both computers. Please help! It’s kind of scary!


The preview pane essentially opens a new instance of the Application, in order to ‘show’ the file.
You can quickly toggle the preview pane display ON/OFF with [Alt] P
although you could have a routine which tells whether an Excel file is password-protected or not, it would be difficult to have this operate with the preview pane.


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